We understand that high quality artwork and design needs high quality sublimation, screen printing and embroidery. By using the best possible techniques, Flash Uniforms will take your design or logo and faithfully reproduce it to the highest standards.

Vector v. Raster file images for screen printing and embroidery

When we talk of artwork and design, you will hear us asking for files in a vectorised format (.EPS, .CDR, .AI or .PDF).

Vector files are GOOD.  Raster files are EVIL.

A vector file allows designs/logos to be resized, separated, twirled, rotated, recoloured without losing any quality.

A raster file (eg; .JPEG, .TIFF, .PNG) is poor quality.  The larger the image is increased from its original size, the greater distortion, blurring and pixelisation.  We can’t separate colours and the result may be poor.  Having a vector file image will minimise delays in the production process.

If you are supplying a vector file ensure all typefaces are converted to curves/paths/outlined, so that it’s not a problem if we don’t have your particular typeface.

Email your files to and we will tell you if your image is good or requires re-drawing.

Logo Re-draw

If our graphic design team are unable to use your logo in the format you provided, they will re-draw it in a suitable format ready for sublimation, screen printing or embroidery. We will be able to convert your image from any format – a drawing on paper or raster file.


Alongside dye sublimation, screen printing and embroidery our graphic design service is core to our business.Whether you have a design, need some finishing touches to an existing one or simply have an idea in your head, Flash Uniforms can make it a reality.

Artwork Approval

Before manufacturing begins, you will receive an artwork proof sheet for your approval before as once manufacturing commences, we can’t turn back without considerable cost to you.

Artwork and design is critical to the success, so take your time to review the artwork before approving! Things you need to look for before approving:

  • Position: Are the logos in the right location?
  • Colours: Are they as you specified?
  • Wording: Is everything spelt correctly?

If in doubt – call us!

Terms & Conditions

Here are our terms and conditions relating to payment, artwork, design, digitising and screen printing.

Deposits and Payment

Unless otherwise agreed or arranged:

  1. A deposit of 50% is required to commence your order.
  2. A written quote will be provided prior to your order commencing, and if requested, a receipt will be issued for the deposit.
  3. A tax invoice will not be issued until your order is completed and ready for collection.
  4. The balance is due and payable when your order is ready for collection.  Orders will not be released or shipped until your final payment has been received.
  5. Unless specified on the quote, all quotes are valid for 30 days.  We reserve the right to change any aspect of your quote after that time.
  6. All negotiations, whether verbal or written (e.g. garment numbers and sizes etc) are preliminaries only.  An order is not considered as being ‘placed’ until it is signed and a deposit is received.
  7. Any production period advertised or agreed upon commences when the customer approves the artwork proof sheet and the deposit is received.
  8. Special incentives or discounts may be offered from time to time to encourage the placement of orders before a specified deadline.  Any such deadline will be strictly adhered to and deposit cheques posted before the relevant date, but received after it, will not be recognised for the purposes of the incentive payment.
  9. Returns and/or refunds may not be offered when the order is for custom made garments or decorated garments and products.
  10. Our contractual relationship is with the club, person or organisation placing the order.  A tax invoice will only be issued to these parties.  We do not issue invoices to or accept payment directly from sponsors or other third parties with whom you may have a relationship.
  11. Where an order is placed by you on behalf of an unincorporated body or casual social group, our contract will be with the person placing the order and not the body or group concerned. Similarly, where a person placing an order on behalf of an incorporated body does so without the authorisation of the body concerned, our contract will be with the person placing the order and not the incorporated body.

If you plan on using our services regularly then you may consider applying for an account.  We may request a purchase order to commence order.

  1. Our artwork and design is an in-house service for customers purchasing garments and products from Flash Uniforms.  The artwork, design and set up charges are service costs which cover the cost of production. Payment of the charge does not confer ownership on the purchaser of any artwork, copyright, films, screens, disks or other production materials used.
  2. Our graphic designer can produce designs based on your sketches, drawings and mock-ups. We can also modify and change artwork supplied by you.
  3. Artwork prepares your logo or design for production.  It must be in a digital format or in a format which can be scanned as to be applied directly to your garment or product.  Artwork also includes designs which are words only.
  4. An artwork proof sheet is provided so you can approve positioning, spelling and colour breakdowns before production commences.  Once approved it is then provided to the embroiderer to digitise or printer to prepare films and set up screens.
  5. Laws require you to have the authorisation to use any business name, trademark, trade name, design, logo, photograph, illustration, graphic, artwork or other material forming part of your order.
  6. If you supply your artwork “print ready” your artwork charge will be @ 1/2 an hour. (This only applies to screen printing).
  1. Our design service develops your concept into a simple logo, illustration or graphic ready for production onto your garment or product.  Two hours is allowed for this process.  For complex and intricate designs an additional hourly rate is charged where applicable.  We will provide you with a quote before we start.
  2. Our design charge includes concept development, the design converted to a digital format and allows you one change.  Additional changes will be charged at a per hour rate.  Design charges may be applied if your logo or design is required to be re-drawn as the quality or size is not suitable for production.
  3. An artwork proof sheet is provided so you can approve approximate positioning, spelling and colour breakdowns before production commences.  Once approved decoration on the garments will begin.
  4. The design charge does not release the design, logo, illustration or graphic from copyright.  Flash Uniforms retains copyright ownership of the design and permits the use of the design on garments and products ordered from Flash Uniforms only.
  5. A commercial rate will be negotiated if you wish to purchase copyright from Flash Uniforms. The design will be released in a suitable format.
Embroidery Digitising
  1. Each design requires Flash Uniforms to digitise the design so it may be embroidered.
  2. A one off cost is applied to digitise your design.
  3. You will not incur this charge when you return to Flash Uniforms to re-embroid the exact digitised design.  Please note; if you wish to change one small element of your digitised design, then it will need to be digitised again and the charge will apply.
  4. If you wish to purchase the digitising disk an additional cost will be charged to release this disk.
  5. Embroidery charges are based on up to 10,000 thread counts, some logos after being digitised will go over 10,000 threads, further charges will apply. You will be notified prior to embroidery if the cost is to increase.
Screen Set-up
  1. When screen printing, each colour of your print needs a separate screen.  The more colours, the more screens.  For your design Flash Uniforms produces the films which are then ‘burnt’ onto the screen.
  2. The process is not permanent and your design is washed off the screen along with the ink at the end of printing.  Therefore, screen set up is required each time you print.


Flash Uniforms showroom based in Balcatta, Perth has an extensive range of corporate uniforms and sporting apparel samples so you can feel, see, try on and discuss.  However, if you are unable to visit our showroom we can deliver Flash Uniforms’ samples to anywhere in Australia.

In most cases we are able to provide an exact match for you sample request, however sometimes we may need to supply a close but not exact size or colour.

Sizing guides for garments can also be provided to assist.


As our samples are valuable, we request a deposit before you can take them from the showroom or we send them to you.

The deposit will cover the cost of the items (plus postage if they are being sent to you). The deposit (less postage) will be fully refunded once the samples are returned in a re-saleable order and condition within 14 days. If there is any damage to the samples or the labels/packaging that renders them unsuitable for future sale, or if samples are not returned, we regret that we will be unable to refund your deposit.

All Flash Uniforms’ samples sent, together with a postage/freight charge, will be debited to your credit card.

If you are happy with the sample and place an order, we will include the sample as part of your order and provide you with a credit for the sample on your final invoice.

Sizing Sets

To save time and additional postage/freight charges, please refer to the respective sizing charts within each catalogue before ordering your samples.  Sizing may vary between brands, so please ensure you check your measurements carefully.  Please note sizes on the charts may have a tolerance/variation +/- of up to 2cm for uniform size.

We can arrange a uniform sizing set.  The sizing set will be provided at a substantial discount to the normal cost of the product in order to assist with sizing.

You may return the complete sizing set once all sizes have been determined and we will refund the cost provided all items are returned to us in a re-saleable condition within 14 days.  Alternatively, you may keep the sizing set for future use by new employees or members.

Where convenient, we can conduct a sizing day at your workplace or club to allow employees or members to try on and see the uniforms.  A Flash Uniforms representative will be present to answer any questions.

Loan Period

As our samples are popular, please ensure they are returned within 14 days of collection or dispatch.